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Taxes are your single biggest expense. We help business owners like you stop overpaying on taxes - legally, ethically and morally.
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Tax Strategy Pro Announces

NEW R&D Tax Credit Division

Helping innovative companies claim the R&D Tax Credits they’ve earned.   For years we have provided these services to existing clients but now make them available throughout our entire network of services.  We evaluate the opportunity for each client, provide a personalized plan to maximize the R&D credit, and generate the necessary documentation to ensure monetization and IRS compliance.

IT'S NOT your cpa's fault

93% (Or More) Overpay On Taxes

A recent article on Forbes, as well as our own experience over the last 35 years proves that at least 93% of business owners overpay on taxes.  It’s sad, but not surprising to us.  And it’s not your CPA’s fault.  The vast majority of CPAs do not know how to do this level of (or any) tax planning, simply because they are not trained to do so.  They work historically, completing tax returns that only reflect where you have been, not where you are, or should be, going.

Why It Matters

Your Biggest Expense

Ask any business owner what their biggest expense is and they quickly realize it's taxes. Saving here is saving bigtime!

History = No Defense

When all you're doing is looking back at the previous year, you can't utilize all the opportunities the tax code allows to save.

Not What You Make, But What You Keep

For most the tax code works against them. Did you know the tax code can work for you, and not against you?

Taxes Are Far More Likely To Go Up

Given the current state of affairs including political climate, national debt and others, taxes are more likely to go up vs down.

Get A Tax Strategy Pro on your team Today!

Tax Strategy Professional Defined – A Tax Strategy Professional is a proactive tax planner that proactively looks forward and plans with you to save business owners and individuals millions of dollars in taxes legally, ethically and morally. 

Tax Strategy Pros are an elite group of proactive planners with a goal of communicating with integrity the tax saving strategies that are found in the Internal Revenue Tax Code.  For more information on how to mentor with one of our Elite-Members or to have one of our members speak at your next event, call (888) 641.1989 for more information. 


To Pay Less, You Need A Plan

strategic tax reduction plan

Keep More Of Your Money

Every situation is different, but nearly everyone can save a bundle!  What would it mean to your business to see $20,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 per year in tax savings?  To stop wasting money on unnecessary taxes, you need a clear, proactive, strategic tax reduction plan that is customized specifically to you and your business.


Every tax reduction strategy we employ in the Tax Reduction Process is sourced and referenced directly to the IRS Tax Code. Every strategy is legal, ethical, and moral.


The easiest way to turbocharge your profit is to stop wasting money on unnecessary expenses. What would an extra $20,000, $50,000, $100,000+ in tax savings per year mean for your business?


It's all backed up by our savings guarantee. That means if we miss our savings projection, you will get a prorated return of your payment up to 100%. Don't get too excited, we have not missed our projected savings promise yet. It doesn’t get easier or better than that.

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