Business Planning

We help successful business owners like you and your families do three critical things with your wealth and your businesses:

Reduce your annual income tax.


Optimize your retirement planning.


Optimize your estate so that your beneficiaries are not left with tax consequences on things like inherited IRAs.

Tax Reduction 


We have been designing and planning for businesses like yours for years.  We will design a plan that will align with your goals and objectives to help you reduce your overall tax burden. 

Retirement Optimization


If you’ve accumulated a significant amount in tax deferred accounts such as IRA’s, 401(k)’s, 457’s, and 403(b)’s, you’re likely going to have a problem in retirement if tax rates increase.  These savings vehicles might not be the right fit for you the business owner but most accountants recommend them.  Most business owners are using the wrong strategies to plan for retirement.  Tax Strategy Pro’s Advanced team will not only help you get on the right path but allow you to utilize plans only available to business owners.

maximizing exit revenue

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I was working with a Tax Attorney who had someone in his office do my taxes.  I thought I was getting all the strategies.  Within fifteen minutes, Tax Strategy Team found a major mistake that was costing me $30,000 a year in taxes.  They helped me through the pandemic,  getting my business over $100,000 in Tax Credits.  I am now working with the Advance Planning department for my retirement and exiting my business. Never would have thought I would sell my business much less retire.  All thanks to a forty-five minute Discovery Call.

Mellisa-Real Estate Investor

​Here are some FAQ that might interest you

According to a 2018 Forbes Article, 93% of business owners are overpaying in taxes each year!

At Tax Strategy Pro we start with a very simple, non threatening Discovery Call.  It takes forty-five minutes and we can tell you if your are in the 93% or not.

73% of Business Owners think their current CPA is not getting it done!

This statistic is simply unfair for the CPA.  Most CPAs are trained in Tax Preparation and maybe cross trained in Life Insurance or Retirement Plans.  

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