What is a Tax Strategy Pro?   Defined – A Tax Strategy Pro is a proactive tax planner that has saved business owners and individuals millions of dollars in taxes legally, ethically and morally by using the IRC to introduce tax saving strategies.  While not all of our members are listed here, we are excited to introduce you to our Elite-Members below. 

Tax Strategy Pros are an elite group of proactive planners with a goal of communicating with integrity the tax saving strategies that are found in the IRC.  For more information on how to mentor with one of our Elite-Members or to have one of our members speak at your next event, call (800)859-9499 ext. 800 for more information.

Tax Mastery Network weekly show with guest, Matthew Pearson and hosts Keith VandeStadt, Co-Founder of Tax Coach Software, and Ed Lyon, Founder of the Tax Master Network.


Founder of the Tax Master Network

Ed Lyon is an authority on tax planning – an author, consultant, speaker, the founder of the Tax Master Network,  the co-founder of TaxCoach™ Software, and Chief Tax Strategist for Financial Gravity, a Dallas-based provider of Fractional Family Office services.  Ed leads the effort in ensuring that the latest tax practices are researched and provided to all members. He’s a member of many elite tax groups, as well as small business owner mentoring networks. Ed has written seven books on tax and financial planning, and is a sought-after speaker to accountants, financial professionals, and business owners throughout the country. He has appeared on over 300 radio and television broadcasts, with over two dozen national television appearances, including interviews on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC.

Ed Lyon


Founder of The Advisor Consulting Group

Simon Singer, CFP, RFC and CAP, is the founder of The Advisor Consulting Group, a firm designed to provide financial and estate planning assistance to clients of high-end CPA and law firms.  These firms specialize in executive/owner compensation and zero estate tax planning for wealthy individuals and closely-held businesses.

Simon has been in the Financial Services Industry since 1966 and is a Registered Representative with NFP Advisor Services, LLC  He is recognized by Consumer Research Council of America and is listed with Who’s Who in Business.

Simon is the co-author of three books: “Twenty-First Century Wealth,” “Family Wealth Counseling – Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” and “Love, Money, Control.”  He is also a nationally acclaimed lecturer, giving numerous presentations each year.
Simon is a member of several prestigious financial organizations:  The International Association for Financial Planning, and the Advisors in Philanthropy, Top of the Table and AALU.  He is also a former Board Member and past President of the International Forum, the preeminent association of financial service professionals.


Simon Singer

Tax Master-Author 

Simon Singer


Founder of Financial Gravity Companies

John Pollock is the CEO of Financial Gravity Companies, Inc., the first national tax firm dedicated to helping small business owners reduce their personal tax liability by an average of $21,000. He is a frequent contributor to various media outlets, including Fox Radio Network and Forbes, and the host of the Financial Gravity Podcast. As an author and speaker, John has delivered presentations to over 500 events for small business owners and financial advisors. Download John’s latest ebook at JohnPollockInc.com.

John Pollock

CEO-Financial Gravity Companies, Inc.
Chairman, Board of Directors

Founder of TaxStrategyPro.com

For over twenty years Matthew has worked to help grow his client’s businesses, set them up to reap as much of the profits as possible, and in the event of a sale, sell most tax efficient.   After completing eighteen years as a successful, Christian not-for-profit Executive Director, Matthew built and sold a company building machine know as Team Management Solutions.  Matthew is a sought after and dynamic speaker, but has begun to limit his presentations that at one time took him to  over 135 events per year.  As  founder of TaxStratgyPro.com Matthew seeks to bring together successful tax planners that have rich integrity and commitment to their clients.  Matthew also serves as President of the Gravity Wealth Group, a financial firm focusing on helping business owners and those going into retirement to be as tax savvy as possible.  Matthew is an active member of the Tax Master Network, holds several key positions in organizations and associations as their goto Tax Master.  Matthew and his wife, Wendy, have been married for thirty-two years and enjoy living on their farm in Northern Kentucky and volunteering at Potters Ranch,  a Christian Camp and equine facility.

Matthew Pearson

Tax Master-Author

Matthew Pearson

For Media or Speaking Opportunities.

Accountant or CPA Mentorship

Due to our lifestyles and desire to promote the best effort to each and every client, we take a limited number into our mentorship program each year. This particular mentorship program is even more elite, in that Ed Lyon will be the Strategy Pro you will be working with if accepted.

Financial Planner Mentorship

Our fasted growing mentorship program which begins with a three day boot camp in our home offices. This program helps Financial Planners who focus on doing, "In the best interest of the client" the ability to play both offense and defense for their clients.

Apply to become a Tax Strategy Pro

Although a very difficult task to be named a Tax Strategy Pro, it is nonetheless a designation that many seek. To qualify, you must be a person of high integrity and of good reputation, who has documented tax savings for clients, and also has the ability to communicate in a variety of mediums clear tax saving strategies that are legal, ethical and moral.

For Information, call (800)859-9499 ext. 800