About Our Team

Our team

We have a diverse organization of passionate, tax planning, professionals on our faculty staff with decades of experience in each of their individual fields. These professionals span the country and have come together to fill a segment of the market that has been underserved or priced out of the support that a Big Four Accounting Firm provides.  Instead of measuring Tax Strategy Pro’s success with our own annual revenue, we measure our success by the amount of tax savings we provide our clients on an annual basis.

Our Faculty consists of CPA’s, Estate Planners, Attorneys, Business Coaches and Exit Strategy Professionals who share the same philosophy, which is to serve our country’s business owners, investors and real estate professionals in helping them Keep More and Pay Less.  The tax code rewards these people, but it is constantly changing and needs a wholistic team to serve them.  Our strategies are legal, ethical and moral and get you to paying the least amount of taxes today, tomorrow and when you distribute your wealth to future generations.  Our team of sophisticated, wholistic advisors allow the clients we serve to do what they do best, giving them the peace of mind that they are properly positioned and protected from unintentional over taxation.