TAX Incentives & Planning

Our services extend through all areas of specialized tax planning. During our forensic evaluation, we will determine where your greatest inefficiencies are and outline the menu of available opportunities within the Internal Revenue Code to ensure you have the most optimized positioning available.

How We Help You Save

Capital gains

If you're selling a highly appreciated asset such as a business, you're likely exposed to capital gains tax. We have over a dozen legal structures available to mitigate this large expense.

Listed Transaction Review

Have you entered into a conservation easement or one of the overly aggressive, highly promoted tax shelters? We can help get you back on track and unwind highly scrutinized structures.

Transfer & Inheritance Tax

Incorporation of estate planning techniques within income and capital gains tax planning.

Tax Incentives

Many businesses qualify for valuable tax incentives such as Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Research and Development Tax Credit, Employee Retention Tax Credit.

Cost Segregation

Increase cash flow with accelerated depreciation of improvements of real estate assets, farm land improvements, etc.

Executive Benefit Restructuring

Often times the benefit structure can be re-designed to further compliment the end user while improving current tax efficiency.

Our Testimonials

What They Say

Sparks, NV
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Our family has a large farm in northern Nevada. We wanted to sell a 500 acre parcel but had such a low basis the capital gains tax we were looking at put us at an impasse as we were told the only way to defer the gains was to do a 1031 Exchange which didn’t give us the outcome we needed. When the TSP team showed us a way to defer without using the 1031 or a Deferred Sales Trust, we were delighted to have an alternative.
Napa, CA
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During the sale of one of our family’s wine brands, we were ready to write a $12,000,000 check to the IRS. Unsure about if we were with the right accounting firm, we had a colleague help us connect with TSP for a thorough review prior to moving forward with the filing. This exercise resulted in several corrections which ultimately reduced our bill by $1,500,000. Needless to say, we are pleased with this outcome.
Cosmetic Dentist
Chicago Area, IL
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My dental practice doubled in size year over year. I had 45 full time employees prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. After suffering a huge setback, the TSP team helped me with a large six figure tax credit which allowed me to weather the storm and we are now back in full swing. We had no idea these credits even existed until a rep from Tax Strategy Pro helped us. Thank you!
Payroll Processor
Columbus, OH
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The business my husband and I started 30 years ago was something we never thought would be worth the offer we received from one of the larger players in the payroll space. After finally deciding on retirement, the TSP team not only worked with us to develop a transition plan but they guided us through a capital gain deferral technique that allowed us to accomplish our retirement goals while keeping the bulk of our capital working for us.


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