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R&D Tax Credits: you have earned them and now is the time to reap the benefits. We help business owners like you capture your R&D Tax credits, while insuring you are fully compliant. - Click on the calendar on the right and schedule your free consultation now.

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We understand you have a very busy schedule and don’t need or want the stress associated with obtaining the R&D tax credit. Take advantage of our solution today and obtain your R&D tax credit with only a few clicks.  We are trusted by hundreds of founders, companies, CPAs, and partners across the country due to our industry expertise and specialized focus. We evaluate the opportunity for each client, provide a personalized plan to maximize the R&D credit, and generate the necessary documentation to ensure monetization and IRS compliance.


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Our mission is to get money back into growing companies so they can innovate and hire. We remove all barriers by tailoring our solution specifically for you.

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Our proprietary application guides you step by step as you enter the necessary information at a pace you’re comfortable with. It will even provide assistance and examples as you proceed through the process.

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At Tax Strategy Pro we do the work for you. Tax Reduction Plans, Cost Segregation Studies, and R and D Tax Credits are all things the average CPA is not taking care of for you. Most of the time you have to do these tax savings exercises separately costing you thousands. With you have one stop to get it all done. If you are like most business owners, you are paying more and keeping less each and every year.

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Our world-class team of experts has the knowledge and experience when it comes to taxes, accounting, R&D studies, startups, and technology. Tax Strategy Pro has helped thousands of companies in claiming millions of dollars in tax credits through our partners.

What makes us different? Our solution simplifies the process, maximizes your benefit, and reduces overall cost.

Tax credits for your business–Most R&D credits claimed in the US go to larger corporations. Recent changes, however, have allowed SMBs and even pre-revenue start-ups to access one of the country’s biggest tax incentives. With behind you, it’s your turn to benefit from the innovative investments you’ve made. The incentive’s there, let’s take it.  To schedule your free consultation, click the schedule button below.
Most R&D credits claimed in the US go to larger corporations. Recent changes, however, have allowed SMBs and even pre-revenue start-ups to access one of the country’s biggest tax incentives. And with American Incentive Advisors behind you, it’s your turn to benefit from the innovative investments you’ve made. The incentive’s there, let’s take it.

Unsure if you qualify for R&D tax credits? 95% of business that do don't claim! Are you one of them?

Don’t worry, we’ll clear that up as soon as you’re connected. But if you’re creating or improving a product, process, formula, or software, and incur expenses for wages, contractors, or supplies related to that work, then chances are you’ve done the hard part, and now you need the credits you deserve. Find out more about who qualifies and why, at

Businesses that qualify

  • Experimenting with new defining specifications and design concepts
  • Engineering new processes and products
  • Enhancing existing product design
  • Enhancing production or manufacturing practices
  • Creating manufacturing plans
  • Simulating, engineering, modeling, and analyzing new processes or products
  • Creating specialized tooling and equipment used in the production process
  • Developing, creating, and testing prototypes
  • Examining sufficiency of a new or improved design
  • Developing software technology for customer and/or vendor interaction
  • Evaluating and integrating new technologies and materials
  • Creating and producing new or enhanced technologies
  • Engineering new and innovative structure designs
  • Creating new or improved products, systems, or materials
  • Developing new or improved tooling, machinery or equipment
  • Using CAD technology and BIM activities
  • Conducting scientific computations to assess physical properties of materials
  • Evaluating alternative design materials, methods, and subcomponents
  • Inventing or enhancing LEED or energy-efficient systems and structures
  • Designing and developing new or enhanced infrastructure components including dams, subsurface tunnels, rail systems, and bridges
  • Designing and developing new or enhanced pump facilities, wastewater treatment stations, or other water supply stations
  • Creating or improving control, communication, lighting, alarm, and electrical systems
  • Creating or improving mechanical, building envelope, and HVAC systems
  • Evaluating subterranean conditions and a multitude of related development and design efforts
  • Experimenting with new or enhanced designed for use in testing and evaluation practices
  • Creating new or improved manufacturing procedures
  • Designing new customer components
  • Developing new composite materials
  • Generating testing and validation prototypes
  • Producing new machines, tools, fixtures, and jigs for aircraft assembly and manufacturing
  • Creating new or improved welding, machining strategies, metal forming
  • Automating various processes
  • Designing engineering plans or integration kits
  • Improving design or development of new or existing components or monuments
  • Creating new software
  • Experiment to improve output / reduce cycle periods
  • Invent new surface-hardening solutions
  • Creating new field/warehouse processes
  • Inventing specialized harvesting and manufacturing tooling
  • Developing new hybrids for livestock, plants, or crops
  • Changing harvesting techniques to improve harvest or yield efficiency
  • Automating processes
  • Updating or enhancing pest management
  • Designing or utilizing new irrigation systems
  • Developing new or improved packaging or preservative chemicals
  • Improving soil and rootstock processes
  • Designing new software
  • Utilizing new or improved functions to design clothing and accessories
  • Inventing apparel innovations that may qualify for utility patents
  • Creating new product and performance specifications for fabric and materials construction technologies
  • Using new apparel technologies and materials in new or improved clothing designs
  • Invent new manufacturing practices
  • Producing and testing prototypes and samples
  • Designing new industry-related or process-oriented software
  • Innovative or unique designs for various structures
  • Computer-aided design(CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) activities
  • The design and development of innovative or unique new LEED, energy-efficient, or “green” alternatives
  • Assessing design through various forms of modeling and computational analysis
  • Designing infrastructure utilizing green and solar technologies
  • Designing a wastewater treatment plant
  • Designing water and sewage systems in complex environments
  • Developing solutions to infrastructure challenges
  • Developing solutions around potential environmental issues
  • Designing roads, bridges, and tunnels
  • Creating or expanding network technology/architecture
  • Algorithm development for dynamic Web applications
  • Development of data analysis technologies and tools using new algorithms
  • Conceptualize and build physical system networks
  • Designing cloud-based platforms
  • Expansion of telecommunication networks to better serve customers
  • Design and testing of enhanced automation methods
  • Developing transceivers, software, network tools, applications
  • Creating new product flavors, textures, appearances, or health advantages
  • Designing solutions to extend product shelf life
  • Improving manufacturing technology, processes, and procedures
  • Creating new or redesigning existing packaging
  • Developing or improving fermentation techniques
  • Producing and testing prototype product samples
  • Validation new recipe formulations
  • Improving designs for environmental compliance
  • Inventing specialized tools or producing prototype machinery
  • Establishing new or improving existing bottling tactics
  • Designing new software systems for use internally or with customers
  • Road and bridge design-build and construction
  • Engineering and construction solutions for pipelines
  • Development of solutions for grading, storm drainage, pipeline installation and erosion
  • Firmware development
  • Network security design
  • New infrastructure design
  • Establishing production process for new products
  • Creating new or existing devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals
  • Producing experimental clinical trial pharmaceutical lots
  • Enhancing factory process or production using innovative methods or new technologies
  • Designing technology to comply with EPA requirements
  • Creating software or hardware components for research and clinical development use
  • Developing medical equipment for use in research practices
  • Improving product stability or increasing product shelf life
  • Producing new medical products, equipment, technology, or devices
  • Producing next-generation products and product enhancements
  • Conducting unit, functional, integration, and performance assessments
  • Designing, testing, and enhancing code for firmware
  • Utilizing CAD technology for new product development
  • Developing and testing new product validation prototypes
  • Testing products and processes to comply with both domestic and foreign regulatory mandates
  • Developing software technology for customer and/or vendor interaction
  • Programming software source code
  • Compiling and testing source code
  • Designing and developing the software
  • Developing new or improved technologies
  • Evaluating and establishing functional specifications
  • Programming of control systems
  • Developing schematic drawings for integration of system components
  • Provide custom control solutions for different applications
  • Developing new software algorithm or architecture code
  • Engineering new capabilities or functional upgrades for existing technology to establish competitive advantage
  • Developing intranet and Internet software with complexity and scale to create technological challenges
  • Creating technology to manage and automate complex business models and structures
  • Designing interactive technology used in multimedia entertainment, including Internet video games as well as music or video streaming
  • Developing software technology for customer and/or vendor interaction
  • Inventing specialized innovations, including voice recognition or artificial intelligence technology
  • Prototyping and 3D solid modeling
  • CAD design of die prints
  • Optimizing manufacturing processes
  • Creating or improving distillation and fermentation processes/equipment
  • Producing custom manufacturing equipment
  • Designing or integrating automated processes
  • Producing new irrigation, filtration, or straining systems/methodologies
  • Creating or enhancing bottling and packing procedures
  • Creating or enhancing product formulations and preservative chemicals
  • Creating or enhancing prototype lots
  • Evaluating and improving product consistency and shelf life
  • Investing in green technologies for the use of manufacturing
  • Developing software technology for customer and/or vendor interaction
  • Creating new or improving existing plant operations
  • Designing energy-efficiency strategies
  • Innovating wastewater technologies
  • Developing plans that optimize plant efficiency or capacity
  • Designing innovative bridges, roadway structures, or sanitary sewer systems for new residential communities
  • Creating new or enhancing existing construction practices
  • Developing renewable energy technologies
  • Designing new software systems for use internally or with customers

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